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Market Assessments, Competitive Intelligence, Opportunity Sizing & Commercial Excellence for MedTech-Life Science Companies


Market sizing (TAM/SAM)

As a company, would you like an independent, accurate analysis of the total market size for your products? Or as you are entering a new market segment, you want a fact-based view of the market size by geography and customer segment?
We use a mix of secondary and primary research to arrive at an accurate, triangulated view on market sizing. Typical tools we use for secondary research include sizing based on sales data, epidemiology-based sizing, technology adoption curves, reimbursement data, procedural data. Primary research includes focused interviews with KOLs, physicians, payers and industry experts.

  • TAM– Total addressable market is the entire potential market. This refers to the combined revenue (or unit sales) of all the companies in a specific market.
  • SAM – Served available market is the share of the total addressable market that companies providing a specific solution can fulfill.

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Competitive Intelligence

More than 75% of CEOs, Presidents believe that Competitive Intelligence is critical to accelerating growth.1 However in reality, most companies struggle to have a comprehensive real-time view of competitor activities, marketing actions, product launches & strategic initiatives.
Our competitive intelligence service can help companies monitor the competitive landscape in terms of product launches, KOL activity, clinical trials, sales results, CEO announcements, strategic initiatives outlined in earnings calls.
This gives top management an unbiased, comprehensive overview of their competitors actions in real-time, thus providing valuable input in strategy development & execution.

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Opportunity Assessment

Whether you are a BU manager or part of corporate ventures, you need to make well-informed decisions on whether to invest in a new opportunity.

We offer customized, high-quality services which leverage our operating experience & research expertise to offer fact-based, practical insights on assessing an opportunity.

For example:

  • Assessing market entry opportunity for a medical device in emerging market
  • Launching a new technology in an existing market
  • Campaign to gain market share from a specific competitor/specific market
  • Due diligence on a target company/sector

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Commercial Excellence

A McKinsey & Company survey has shown that businesses that were top performers—those with superior commercial capabilities—consistently deliver revenue growth about 1.9 points higher and earnings growth about 4.7 points higher than peers in the same sector. 2

Our offerings include data-backed, practical research and insights on

  • Distributor/Channel management
  • Sales Incentive structures & management
  • Sales force/ Sales Territory Optimization
  • Value-based pricing methodologies
  • Pricing analysis

Our insights have been widely acknowledged by clients as being result-oriented & pragmatic.

12016 survey of 45 cross-sector CEOs by Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

2Mckinsey& Company, October 2018, “commercial Excellence: your path to growth”

Services for Private Equity/Venture Capital Funds

  • Early Due Diligence
  • Deal Generation
  • Sector reviews for Private Equity / Venture Capital clients

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