Services for Private Equity/Venture Capital Funds

Early Due Diligence, Deal Generation, Sector reviews for Private Equity/Venture Capital clients


Early Due Diligence

Investors come across multiple deals every month. Some of them are clear “NO-GO” for the fund due to various strategic reasons. These are filtered out quickly.

However, there are some deals that look interesting for the firm but need a rapid 360-degree analysis & research in order to assess the fit. At this stage, the firm doesn’t want to spend massive resources on the deal, yet the investment team needs comprehensive research and insights on the deal.

Our Xpress Due Diligence (XDD) is a service that addresses this need. XDD aims to give the investment team a 360-degree view of the opportunity & covers

  • Market size and growth
  • Industry dynamics and key growth drivers,
  • Pricing & reimbursement
  • Regulatory view
  • Competitive landscape
  • Company & management profiling
  • Product description and user workflow
  • Risks
  • Key questions to be addressed in the process

We follow a unique process of secondary and primary research (mainly with KOLs, industry experts, previous employees) to develop an insightful, fact-based view of the opportunity. All of this is done keeping in mind that the investor would like to optimize spend at this stage of the deal. Pricing is fixed, all-inclusive and a fraction of normal CDD pricing.
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Proactive Deal Generation

Leading Venture Capital and Private Equity investors understand the need to generate proprietary deals.
We leverage our deep knowledge of Healthcare sector to help clients generate proprietary deals through a process of

  • Mining key databases
  • Identifying potential targets that fit investor criteria around market attractiveness, profitability, ownership amongst others
  • Supporting investors in tracking/contacting identified target companies

At a minimum, this approach helps to set apart the investor & establish meaningful relationships with CEO/management well in advance of the formal deal process. It can also lead to a proprietary deal, which brings unique value to the investor.
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Sector Reviews

Private Equity or Venture Capital firms often spend time understanding key sectors much in advance of targets being actionable. For Venture Capital firms, this helps them understand the key market dynamics, challenges, new technologies and identify promising companies to track. For PE firms this allows them to have meaningful discussions with targets in this sector and this differentiate vs. other firms that are not as well prepared.

Our sector reviews cover

  • Industry (demand side and supply side) dynamics and challenges
  • Market sizing and growth
  • Regulatory status and Reimbursement overview
  • Emerging technologies
  • Key companies and their profiles
  • Product landscaping and current unmet needs
  • Other specific areas of interest for the investor

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Services for MedTech-Life Science Companies

  • Market Assessments
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Opportunity Sizing & Commercial Excellence for MedTech-Life Science Companies

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