Client Europe based mid-market Private Equity firm
Situation Our client was looking to invest in a family-owned pharma CDMO. They engaged with us to leverage our deep expertise in this area and in order to guide them through their investment decision process.
Our approach In addition to analyzing the market dynamics, growth, we conducted a deep dive (during 2-3 weeks) into:

·         Customer dependency and potential risks

·         Current commercial contract analysis

·         Sources of differentiation versus key competitors

·         Detailed analysis of management budget and commercial plan

·         Potential M&A opportunities

·         Customer referencing

Results Our client could leverage our research with their investment committee and successfully negotiate an agreement with the seller, taking into consideration they key risks and opportunities
Client Mid-market Private Equity firm in Western Europe
Situation Client had recently acquired a CRO focusing on Phase 1-3 clinical trials for Pharma and Biotech customers. They were keen to augment the portfolio company’s capabilities by acquiring complementary assets in the US and also to broaden the services offering
Our approach We leveraged our IP to generate a comprehensive database of CROs offering services that could be considered complementary to the portfolio company. Based on our research, we identified, evaluated and prioritized over 200 add-on targets and initiated contact with selected potential targets.
Results Our client (mid-market private equity fund), managed to close 2 add-on deals for their CRO portfolio company, within a period of one year.
Client Large New York-based Private Equity firm
Situation The healthcare investment team was keen to better understand opportunities in the MedTech contract manufacturing segment.
Our approach Over 4 weeks, our team conducted a deep dive into the medtech contract development and manufacturing segment. Our client was able to get deep insights into the market drivers, attractive sub-segments and profit pools, differentiated services and manufacturing technologies, along with a investor perspective on purchase process, criteria. We also created an investment framework, enabling our client to evaluate new opportunities objectively.
Results The healthcare team was able to evaluate inbound opportunities more effectively and also to source potential transactions.