Client London-based Private Equity fund, investing in large-cap companies with growth potential
Situation The fund was evaluating a deal in the oncology space. The target company in question was profitable, niche global player in an oligopolistic market. The fund wanted insights to make an early go/no-go decision.
Our approach Through extensive secondary research spanning 2 weeks, our team put together an overview of the industry, key dynamics impacting the future of the industry, profiles of competitive players, product landscape overview, how the products fit in the user workflow, regulatory/reimbursement status and key financials.
Through a couple of interviews with KOLs and industry experts we validated our findings & refined our data especially on matters like pricing, market shares. This was then presented & discussed with the client.
Results Based on our research, the client got unique insights into the industry & opportunity that led them to drop the deal at an early stage, thus saving valuable resources/time to focus on other deals in the pipeline.
Client Mid-market PE fund in Western Europe
Situation Fresh from a strong round of fund raising, the firm was keen to find sources of deals that were necessarily not coming through intermediaries. One of their partners wanted to explore the healthcare-medtech space.
Our approach Based on our knowledge and access to industry databases, we conducted an exercise to filter out companies that met investment criteria- # of employees, revenues, growth potential, private ownership. These were then contacted to gauge their interest to work with a strategic investor.
Results The Private Equity firm generated 2 proprietary deals based on our research.
Client Global Healthcare Venture Capital firm based in Europe
Situation The Venture firm, keen to build a Cardiology portfolio wanted to evaluate technologies, companies in the structural heart sub-segment of cardiology.
Our approach Through our strong research background, we scanned the different segments of the structural heart market, created a database of technologies and companies in this space. We also interviewed over 30 KOLs/Cardiologists to understand the pros/cons of different technologies & the future perspectives.
Results The Venture Capital firm was able to identify 3-5 companies that could be potential targets for an investment round at appropriate stage of development of those companies/technologies.
Client A multi-billion $ healthcare/chemicals corporate
Situation The client wanted to assess the market size of a new market as part of their business development project to enter this new market.
Our approach Since this was a niche market, we used primary research (in-depth interviews) to fuel our research. Using 3 different methodologies – aggregated sales data of companies, installed capacities/market pricing/utilization, demand side data, we created a robust market size/range for the client. As an add-on assignment, the Client asked us to create insights on customer segments, pricing trends, supply chain analysis & cost estimates.
Results Client’s Board approved the business case & decided to enter the market based on our fact-based insights.
Client A generic Pharma company based in the UK
Situation Client wanted to better understand the competitive landscape as they were preparing to launch a new injectable in oncology.
Our approach Based on extensive secondary research and access to databases, we created a dashboard of all players in oncology injectables market with information on available/pipeline drugs, indications, estimated sales, market share, positioning & market presence.
Results Based on our dashboards, the Client was able to formulate a well-targeted strategy for launch of injectable oncology drug in Europe.

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