Consulting Services for Healthcare Corporates


Market Sizing and Forecasting

Market sizing involves using different methodologies including incidence-based models, company sales analysis, modelling adoption of new technologies and market share analysis. We adopt a rigorous modelling approach, validated through in-depth interviews to test the key assumptions.

Typical forecasting period could be from 5-10 years and taking into account key growth drivers, constraints in adoption, pricing, volumes, reimbursement in various relevant geographies. Historical growth trends are also taken into account to validate the forecasting model.

Customer Insights

Our team regularly conducts in-depth, interactive stakeholder interviews to glean insights into key markets. All interviews are conducted by team members who are experienced in conducting technical and commercial interviews with senior physicians, CEOs of hospitals and purchasing managers.

Our past experience includes
  • Gathering customer insights on planned product launch strategy including feedback on price elasticity, vendor selection process, tendering and other commercial insights
  • Customer panel for quarterly tracking of market share changes and projections for future quarter based on customer perceptions, competitor strategy and product launches

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