Private Equity in Healthcare: what next?

Private Equity in Healthcare: what next?


Proprietary insights based on our research with investors

3 reasons why Private Equity will play an outsized role in healthcare in post-2020

PE firms are sitting on ‘dry powder’ (uninvested capital) of over $ 2.5 trillion. Healthcare is a non-cyclical sector – likely to perform better post-Covid19.

Many sectors within healthcare offer growth potential, buy-and-build opportunities & require capital. Specific opportunities in Europe.

Access to public markets will remain choppy; owners/CEOs having lived through this crisis are more open to PE investment.


Which Healthcare sub-sectors offer opportunities for Private Equity firms in Europe?

1. Healthcare Services: Including outpatient clinics, diagnostic labs, specialty practices

Key Drivers: Fragmented markets, Economies of scale, Opportunity to digitalize & improve efficiencies


2. Pharma/MedTech services: medical communications, regulatory services, supply chain

Key Drivers: Companies looking for outsourcing non-core activity, improving productivity


3. MedTech: Including family firms delivering products, services & contract manufacturing

Key Drivers: Owners more open to access PE, MDR regulatory burden, market/buyer consolidation


4. Digital Healthcare: Including patient-provider platforms, practice management software, e-CROs

Key Drivers: Higher adoption of digital, improving reimbursement & market access in Europe


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